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university 2000
With some of my friends at Università Cattolica.
cena Summer School "Giuseppe Tallini" 2000 on Combinarorial Geometry, the "social dinner".
gruppo Summer School "Giuseppe Tallini" 2000 on Combinarorial Geometry.
Michela At Michela's degree.
Ascea Summer School "Giuseppe Tallini" 2001 on Combinarorial Geometry, Ascea Marina.
laurea 12/04/2002
My degree!
cena Summer School "Giuseppe Tallini" 2002 on Combinarorial Geometry, again the "social dinner".
alicante Summer School on Convexity and Discrete Geometry, Alicante 2003
elpaso Summer School on Convexity and Discrete Geometry, Alicante 2003
segre2004 Trends in Geometry 2004, Roma.
Can you see me?
combinatorics Combinatorics 2004, Acireale (CA), Italy
SfInge September 2004, Brescia
The first official "pizza" of the Sf.Inge. group
liverpool 2005 September 2005
Sefton Park, Liverpool, with Cristina, Dmitry and Elisabetta
Liverpool 2005 September 2005
Liverpool, with the other Marie Curie Fellows
Liverpool 2006 February 2006
Liverpool, with some people from the Dept of Mathematical Sciences
PhD thesis defense November 2006
The defense of my PhD thesis (well... after the defense... ;-)) with my friends from the University of Trento
Bratislava 2007 July 2007
"Design Theory of Alex Rosa", Bratislava, Slovakia.
What about chips?!?
Bari 2007 September 2007
XVIII Congresso dell'Unione Matematica Italiana, Bari, Italy
With Luca, Elvise, Michela and Fabio
Disfida matematica 2008 March 2008
"Disfida Matematica 2008", with Anita and Luca.
Combinatorics 2008 June 2008
"Combinatorics 2008", people from Brescia.
Varna 2009 September 2009
"International Conference on Geometry and Applications", Varna (Bulgaria)
Excursion to Nesebar, with Silvia, Anita, Elena and Mario.